Revo’s partnership with Oceana

“Environmental consciousness has always been top of mind for Revo”oceana revo

Revo polarized performance eyewear became integrated into 2011 Oceana’s expeditions as part of the crew’s essential gear in its variety of work environments. The partnership between Revo and Oceana is a great fit from both a performance and cultural perspective.

oceana ranger

As part of the collaboration with Oceana, Revo will provide eyewear for several expeditions in 2011. The first expedition – an Oceana collaboration with National Geographic to Chile’s Salas y Gómez Island – occurred in February and March, and upcoming trips include a two-month expedition on the Baltic Sea to obtain first-ever images of this sea’s depths and also document fishing activities, a research expedition, the Oceana Ranger 2011  to the Mediterranean and western Atlantic to study, observe and help protect important habitat for several marine species, and finally, a North American research expedition focused on the ecosystem in California currents and the continuation of conservation and education efforts for new and existing protected areas.