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Marine Places

Black Forest Reef

This is a beautiful wall reef that begins as a slope and gradually steepens towards the South. The turn-around point is a deep coral ridge with a swim-through, above which are found rare and cryptic species such as seahorses, lobsters and decorator crabs.

Points of Special Interest

1. Schooling grunts - French grunts and bluestriped grunts often school together. They use the silvery stripes of their neighbours to help align themselves with the rest of the school

2. Decorator crab zone - These tiny, crabs are very hard to spot. They ‘decorate’ their body with bits of algae, sponge, and stinging anemones for camouflage

3. Green moray den - The green moray is the Caribbean’s largest species of moray eel; they have poor vision and hunt using mainly their sense of smell

4. Longsnout seahorse zone - A pair of longsnout seahorses live on a deepwater seafan at 27 m/90 ft. In seahorses, it is actually the male which gives birth 

5. Spiny lobster cave - Caribbean spiny lobsters are most active at night. During the day, several individuals may share a shelter such as this one at 20 m/70 ft

6. Red great star coral - Great star coral can be brown, blue, green or red. Scientific studies suggest that the rare red variety is hardest for fish to see, which may protect corals from predation

7. Banded coral shrimp zone - These red and white banded shrimp are the reef’s most conspicuous. Some have lost claws or legs in  fights, but don’t worry - lost limbs are regrown as a shrimp moults

8. Queen trigger fish nests - Queen trigger fish build a bowl-shaped nest in the sand by blowing water at the bottom

Species to Discover

Queen Triggerfish, Arrow Blenny, Fairy Basslet, Blackcap Basslet, French Grunt, Bluestriped Grunt, Mahogany Snapper, Green Moray, Decorator Crab, Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Longsnout Seahorse, Banded Coral Shrimp, Queen Parrotfish, Caribbean Sharpnose Puffer

Black Forest Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos
  • Dive Site 14-40 m (45-130 ft)
Black Forest Reef, Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicoszoom image