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Marine Places

Cape Creus

Cape Creus marks the point where the mountains of the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean Sea. It has one of the most rugged coastlines in the entire Mediterranean region, with cliffs made of extremely rough-textured rocks, interspersed by small coves. Designated as a natural park in 1998, Cape Creus also boasts a varied underwater marine life, and is rich in invertebrate animals such as sponges, anemones, fan worms, and red corals. As such, it is a popular diving location. The landscape is said to have inspired the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali (1904–1989), and it features in many of his paintings, including The Persistence of Memory.

Cape Creuszoom image
  • Atlantic Ocean Northeast
  • Type Primary coast
  • Formation Land-eroded rocky coastline of schists and other metamorphic and igneous rocks
  • Extent 6 miles (10 km)
  • Location Northeast of Girona, northeastern Catalonia, Spain
Cape Creus habitat mapzoom image