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Marine Places

Chimney Reef

This dive site is named for its natural chimney, located at the center of the site. The wall consists of two giant steps before the reef plunges into the deep; the  rst is at 13 m/45 ft while the second is at approximately 30 m/100 ft. These deep walls attract many reef sharks, which often cruise along the lip of the lower step.

Points of Special Interest

1. Yellowline arrow crab zone - This arrow crab has eight spidery legs and a triangular body. It is passive towards divers but will aggressively attack most other creatures

2. Chimney - The chimney is a large crack that runs down the length of the wall from approximately 15-30 m/50-100 ft and contains nocturnal species such as lobsters and squirrel fish

3. Staghorn coral & threespot damselfish - Staghorn coral is a delicate branching coral. This species makes a favourite home for the threespot damselfish

4. Reef shark zone - Caribbean reef sharks often swim along the deeper wall of this dive site. Also be on the lookout for nurse sharks resting in the deep sandy area

5. Yellowhead jawfish burrows - Yellowhead jawfish live in burrows in the sand. Males incubate the eggs in their mouths for only a week during the summer breeding season

6. Graden eel colony - Garden eels hide in the sand and consume small planktonic organisms that drift by in the currents. Watch these eels retreat into their burrows as you approach

7. Giant anemone zone - The largest Caribbean anemone. Small invertebrates, such as shrimps and crabs, often hide among its stinging tentacles for protection

8. Stingray zone - Stingrays commonly feed in the sand below the boat. Look for hungry bar jacks accompanying the ray as they look to snap up creatures disturbed by their friend

Species to Discover

Staghorn Coral, Giant Anemone, Queen Triggerfish, Caribbean Reef Shark, Brown Garden Eel, Southern Stingray, Boulder Star Coral, Fairy Basslet, Sand Tilefish, Yellowline Arrow Crab, Yellowhead Jawfish, Queen Angelfish, Threespot Damselfish, Coney

Chimney Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos
  • Dive Site 18-40 m (60-130 ft)
Chimney Reef, Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicoszoom image