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Marine Places

Darien Mangroves

The Darien mangrove swamps lie around estuaries in eastern Panama in the Darien National Park, adjacent to the Gulf of Panama. Here, the roots of mangroves create a haven for mollusks, crustaceans, and many fish species. Shrimp are particularly abundant—the larvae hatch offshore, migrate to the mangrove “nursery” for a few months, and then return to sea as adults. Some of the mangrove swamps in this region have been converted to shrimp ponds or farmland. Other threats include urbanization and pollution.

  • Pacific Ocean East
  • Principal Species Red, black, button, white, mora, and tea mangroves
  • Area 360 square miles (900 square km)
  • Location Southeast of Panama City on the Pacific coast of eastern Panama
Darien Mangroves habitat mapzoom image