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Marine Places

Hole In The Wall Reef

A wall reef with a chimney that descends from the top of the wall to approximately 30 m/100 ft before exiting between two large zones of plateform coral. The top of the reef wall is a great place to  nd hamlets; there are  ve di erent types on this reef - shy, butter, black, barred and indigo.

Points of Special Interest

1. Plateform corals and lobster zone - Plateform corals are common in deeper water where their shape helps them capture more sunlight. Look underneath to find nocturnal creatures hiding in their shade

2. Grouper zone - Several large grouper species live in the deeper parts of this reef, such as the yellow fin, Nassau and tiger grouper

3. Threespot damselfish area - Aggressive little threespot damselfish are common around the entrance to the tunnel. Watch as these fish defend their algae patch against other reef inhabitants

4. Chimney - The "hole in the wall" is a key architectural feature of this site. This chimney begins at the top of the reef, and drops to approximately 30 m/100 ft, exiting at the bottom of the wall

5. Schooling snappers and grunts - Schoolmaster snappers, French grunts and bluestriped grunts commonly school together for protection in this area 

6. Corkscrew anemones and Pederson cleaning shrimp - Pederson cleaning shrimp are usually found on corkscrew anemones. Watch their symbiosis as the shrimp retreats into the anemone's stinging tentacles for protection

7. Pillar coral colony - These beautiful corals grow in tall columns that stretch towards the surface. Their polyps are large, making the colony appear furry

Species to Discover

Boulder Star Coral, French Grunt, Bluestriped Grunt, Creole Wrasse, Schoolmaster Snapper, Mahogany Snapper, Spotted Moray, Flamingo Tongue, Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Finger Coral, Pederson Cleaning Shrimp, Graysby, Barred Hamlet

Hole In The Wall Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos
  • Dive Site 13-50 m (44-163 ft)
Hole In The Wall Reef. Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicoszoom image