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Marine Places

Mississippi Estuary

The Mississippi Estuary is about 30 miles (50 km) long and lies at the seaward end of the Mississippi River, where the river flows through its own delta. The estuary consists of a main channel and several subchannels. Together, these discharge an average of some 4.75 million gallons (18 million liters) of water per second into the Gulf of Mexico. The main channel of the Mississippi Estuary is a classic example of a salt-wedge estuary—its surface waters contain little salt, but they flow over a wedge of salt water, which extends deep down for several miles up the estuary.

Mississippi Estuaryzoom image
  • Atlantic Ocean West
  • Type Salt-wedge (river-dominated) estuary
  • Area 25 square miles (60 square km)
  • Location Southeastern Mississippi Delta, southeastern Louisiana, US
Mississippi Estuary habitat mapzoom image