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Marine Places

North Jutland Dunes

Much of the northern coastline of Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula consists of sand dunes, which cover several thousand square miles of coast. These dunes are “active” in that they have a natural tendency to migrate along the coast, carried by wind (sand drift) and wave erosion. In some areas, attempts have been made to restrict this dune drift, to prevent sand from inundating summer houses. Some early attempts were fruitless. For example, sand fences were built into the dunes during World War II, but the dunes have since moved behind them, leaving the fences on the beach. More recently, many dune areas have been stabilized more successfully by planting with grasses and conifer trees.

North Jutland Duneszoom image
  • Atlantic Ocean Northeast
  • Type Coastal dunes
  • Composition Yellow sand, marram grass
  • Length 155 miles (250 km)
  • Location North and northwest coast of Jutland, Denmark
North Jutland Dunes habitat mapzoom image