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Marine Places

Pyramid (N) Reef

The dive begins by swimming through a tunnel beneath the boat. Divers follow the wall to the north, passing through a second tunnel and chimney that lead to the shallow back-reef which features seagrass beds with marine life hiding in it. Divers may also pass the old pyramid-shaped mooring that gives this site its name.

Points of Interest

1. Tunnel – This dive begins by swimming through a semi-enclosed tunnel that leads to the reef wall

2. Sponge with schooling sunshinefish – Sunshinefish are one of the rarest species of chromis; but you would never guess that judging by the large number that have made this giant barrel sponge their home

3. Red lionfish zone – This invasive species from the Pacific has become a little too successful in the Caribbean after itsaccidental introduction

4. Great star coral – This coral often grows in dome shapes and has large polyps that resemble pitted olives

5. Bluehead wrasse cleaning station – Observe initial-phase bluehead wrasses swimming around this large barrel sponge, waiting for clients who require their cleaning services

6. Tunnel with a green moray eel – This short tunnel, which leads to a chimney on the north side, is home to a green moray - the Caribbean’s largest species of moray eel

7. Garden eel colony – These little eels live inside burrows in the sand and eat small planktonic organisms that drift by in the ocean currents

8. Stingray zone – Southern stingrays feed in sandy areas. Look for hungry bar jacks accompanying the ray in order to snap up creatures disturbed by their friend

Species to Discover

Atlantic Trumpetfish, Brown Garden Eel, Southern Stingray, Blackcap Basslet, Green Moray, Yellow Goatfish, Flamingo Tongue, Sunshinefish, Giant Barrel Sponge, Graysby, Indigo Hamlet, Red Lionfish, Tobaccofish, Queen Parrotfish

Pyramid (N) Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Dive Site 12-50 m (35-150 ft)
Pyramid (N) Reef Map, San Salvador Island, Bahamaszoom image