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Marine Places

Runway 10 (N) Reef

This is a wall reef with a jagged cut, just below the boat mooring, which Bob the Nassau grouper calls home. Divers return along the upper part of the reef, made up of spur and groove formations mixed with scattered patch reefs, where stingrays are often found feeding

Points of Special Interest

1. Bob the Nassau grouper – Bob is the friendliest resident of Runway 10. He lives in the large crack beneath the dive boat. Nassau groupers are one of the largest species of grouper in the Caribbean

2. Cleaning station – Watch as bluehead wrasse and juvenile spanish hogfish remove parasites from their clients. Other fish may wait in line for their turn, and will even fight for priority!

3. Schooling fish – Mahogany snapper, yellow goatfish, and sailors choice school together here for protection from predators

4. Giant barrel sponge – One of the largest species of Caribbean sponge. They are usually found in slightly deeper water where wave action is low

5. Goby cleaning station – Watch as cleaning gobies remove parasites from client fish, who often open their mouth and gills wide to get a thorough clean

6. Great star coral zone – This coral comes in several different colour-morphs and often grows in dome shapes. It has large, obvious polyps that resemble pitted olives

7. Pederson cleaning shrimp & corkscrew anemone – A great example of symbiosis in action. The anemone’s stinging tentacles protect the shrimp, as the shrimp cleans parasites off of client fish

8. Stingray zone – Southern stingrays feed in sandy areas. Look for hungry bar jacks accompanying the ray in order to snap up creatures disturbed by their friend

Species to Discover

Atlantic Trumpetfish, Queen Triggerfish, Hawksbill Turtle, Southern Stingray, Great Star Coral, Creole Wrasse, Mahogany Snapper, Blue Chromis, Queen Angelfish, Pederson Cleaning Shrimp, Giant Barrel Sponge, Graysby, Nassau Grouper, Caribbean Sharpnose Puffer

Runway 10 (N) Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Dive Site 11-40 m (35-130 ft)
Runway 10 (N) Reef Map, San Salvador Island, Bahamaszoom image