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Marine Places

Runway 10 (S) Reef

This is a wall reef with a jagged cut, just below the boat mooring, which Bob the Nassau grouper calls home. The turn-around is marked by a long, sandy plateau, ending in a small chimney, that reef sharks often cruise along. Divers return along the reef top’s spur and groove zone, offering plenty of hiding places for lionfi sh and sleeping nurse sharks

Special Points of Interest

1. Bob the Nassau grouper – Bob is the friendliest resident of Runway 10. He lives in the large crack beneath the dive boat. Nassau groupers are one of the largest species of grouper in the Caribbean

2. Cleaning station – Watch as bluehead wrasse and juvenile spanish hogfish remove parasites from their clients. Other fish may wait in line for their turn, and will even fight for priority!

3. Schooling fish – Mahogany snapper, yellow goatfish, and sailors choice school together here for protection from predators

4. Yellow tube sponge zone – Tube sponges suck - literally. They draw in water, filter out planktonic organisms for food and then expel the waste water through the tops of their tubes

5. Plateform corals – These corals spread out in deeper water to catch more sunlight. Look underneath the plates to find nocturnal species like squirrelfish hiding in their shade

6. Red lionfish den – This invasive species was accidentally introduced to the Caribbean from the Pacific and has become a little too successful here, where it has no natural predators

7. Finger coral & threespot damselfish – Threespot damselfish often defend algae patches that they culture among the stubby branches of this coral. Watch out - they may even chase divers!

8. Nurse shark zone – These passive sharks are nocturnal. During the day they are often found resting in the back reef, under ledges or in caves

Species to Discover

Caribbean Reef Shark, Banded Butterflyfish, Nurse Shark, Creole Wrasse, Bluehead Wrasse, Yellow Goatfish, Honeycomb Cowfish, Yellow Tube Sponge, Threespot Damselfish, Nassau Grouper, Peppermint Bass, Tiger Grouper, Red Lionfish, Queen Parrotfish

Runway 10 (S) Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Dive Site 11-40 m (35-130 ft)
Runway 10 (S) Reef Map, San Salvador Island, Bahamaszoom image