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Marine Places

Saldanha Bay

The cold Benguela Current flowing northward along the west coast of South Africa brings nutrient-rich water that is ideal for kelp growth, and sea bamboo (Ecklonia maxima) is abundant in Saldhanha Bay. The smaller split-fan kelp (Laminaria pallida) becomes dominant in deeper water. South Africa is famous for its diversity of limpets, and the kelp limpet Cymbula compressa is found only on sea bamboo. Its shell fits neatly around the stipe, where it grazes. The highly endangered limpet Siphonaria compressa occurs only in the bay’s Langebaan Lagoon, grazing on the endemic eelgrass Zostera capensis.

  • Atlantic Ocean Southeast
  • Coast Type Rocky and sandy bay with lagoon
  • Water Type Cool currents
  • Primary Vegetation Kelp and eelgrass
  • Location Western Cape, South Africa
Saldanha Bay habitat mapzoom image