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Marine Places

Sandcliff (N) Reef

The boat moors over a large sandy area containing patch reefs. A short swim takes divers to the wall, where they head north along a drop-off punctuated by rocky channels. Divers ascend where the wall becomes a shallow slope and return across patch reefs and sand where stingrays and rare parrot fish can be found.

Special Points of Interest

1. Queen conch zone – The queen conch is the largest snail in the world; its giant shell alone can weigh as much as a bowling ball! If you can’t see the conch, follow the tracks in the sand to find it

2. Goby cleaning station – Watch cleaning gobies remove parasites from client fish, who often open their mouth and gills wide to get a thorough clean

3. Giant barrel sponge – One of the largest species of sponge in the Caribbean. They are usually found in slightly deeper water where wave action is low

4. Red lionfish den – This invasive species was accidentally introduced to the Caribbean from the Pacific and has become a little too successful here, where it has no natural predators

5. Plateform corals – These corals spread out in deep areas to catch more sunlight. Look underneath the plates to find nocturnal species hiding in their shade

6. Fire coral – Fire corals have stinging cells that cause a burning sensation in your skin if touched. Encrusting fire coral is common on this site, particularly covering gorgonian corals

7. Stingray zone – Southern stingrays feed in sandy areas. Look for hungry bar jacks accompanying the ray in order to pick off creatures disturbed by their friend

8. Pederson cleaning shrimp & corkscrew anemone – A great place to watch symbiosis in action. The anemone’s stinging tentacles protect the shrimp, as the shrimp cleans parasites off of client fish

Species to Discover

Bearded Fireworm, Black Durgon, Southern Stingray, Cleaning Goby, Fairy Basslet, Bluehead Wrasse, Fire Coral, Sand Tilefish, Flamingo Tongue, Blue Chromis, Pederson Cleaning Shrimp, Graysby, Red Lionfish, Queen Conch

Sandcliff (N) Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Dive Site 12-40 m (40-130 ft)
Sandcliff (N) Reef, San Salvador, Bahamaszoom image