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Marine Places

Snapshot Reef

A small patch-reef zone featuring a range of habitats. Rugose reef areas attract plankton feeding fishes and their predators, while outlying areas, covered in soft corals, shelter flamingo tongues and other invertebrates. The surrounding sand flats are home to stingrays, sand tilefi sh, and Caribbean reef squid.

Points of Special Interest

1. Spanish hogfish cleaning station – As a juvenile, the Spanish hogfish is an avid cleaner, but as it matures it changes diet to feed on brittle stars, urchins and crabs

2. Soft coral zone – Many soft corals grow here, including sea fans and sea plumes, which make a perfect habitat for flamingo tongues and trumpetfish

3. Finger corals – Several large colonies of this robust branching coral serve as shelter for juvenile fish and small crustaceans

4. Schooling goatfish – Goatfishes are often found in small schools. Note that their chin barbels, which are packed with “taste buds”, help them locate invertebrate prey hidden in the sand

5. Mat zoanthids – Zoanthids resemble flattened anemones and are related to corals, but do not secrete a hard skeleton. This species lives in large colonies and is a favourite food of butterflyfish

6. Caribbean reef squid zone – This reef is occasionally visited by a large groups of squid. Watch carefully as they change colour and posture to communicate with the others in their group

7. Schooling fish – Schoolmaster snappers and squirrelfish school together for protection at the base of this pillar coral

8. Sandtile fish burrows – Several of these slender fish can be found in the sandy areas of the back-reef. They rarely stray far from their shelter - a meticulously built burrow in the sand

Species to Discover

Blue Tang, Atlantic Trumpetfish, Banded Butterflyfish, Southern Stingray, Spanish Hogfish, Schoolmaster Snapper, Caribbean Reef Squid, Bluehead Wrasse, Yellow Goatfish, Sand Tilefish, Flamingo Tongue, Sargeant Major, Finger Coral

Snapshot Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Dive Site 2-5 m (7-15 ft)
Snapshot Reef, San Salvador, Bahamaszoom image