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Marine Places

Telephone Pole (N) Reef

This is a wall reef that ends in a sandy basin littered with large reef boulders containing many caves and tunnels. Divers return to the boat through the sandy back-reef, where garden eels, stingrays, jawfi sh and hammerhead sharks may be seen.

Points of Special Interest

1. Patch reef & tunnel zone – The north end of this site is sandy with large scattered boulders. This complex architecture makes a great habitat for marine life with caves and tunnels throughout the area

2. Giant barrel sponge – One of the largest species of sponge in the Caribbean. They are usually found in slightly deeper water where wave action is low

3. Bluehead wrasse cleaning station – Observe initial-phase bluehead wrasses swimming around this large barrel sponge, waiting for clients who require their cleaning services

4. Garden eel colony – These little eels live inside burrows in the sand, and eat small planktonic organisms that drift by in the ocean currents

5. Redlip blenny zone – These blennies are common in shallow reef areas, where their ability to grip the reef with their pectoral fins makes them well-adapted to the higher wave action found there

6. Sandtile fish burrows – Several of these slender fish can be found in the sandy areas of the back-reef. They rarely stray far from their shelter - a burrow they excavate in the sand

7. Yellowhead jawfish burrows – These small fish live in burrows in the sand. The male incubates his partner’s eggs in his mouth for about a week during the summer breeding season, during which he doesn’t eat

Species to Discover

Redlip Blenny, Hawksbill Turtle, Brown Garden Eel, Fairy Basslet, Blackcap Basslet, Creole Wrasse, Rosy Razorfish, Yellow Tube Sponge, Blue Chromis, Queen Angelfish, Coney, Nassau Grouper, Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Queen Parrotfish

Telephone Pole (N) Reef Points of Interestzoom image
  • Location San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Dive Site 11-40 m (35-130 ft)
Telephone Pole (N) Reef, San Salvador, Bahamaszoom image