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Marine Places

Yatsu-Higata Tidal Flat

Yatsu-Higata is a tiny rectangular mudflat at the northern end of Tokyo Bay, and is unusual because it is almost completely surrounded by a dense urban area. Once open shoreline, Yatsu-Higata now sits mile (1 km) inland. Twice daily, it experiences a tidal inflow and outflow of water from Tokyo Bay via two concrete channels. When the tide comes in, the mudflat fills with about 3 ft (1 m) of water. When it flows out, a variety of resident and migrant shorebirds congregate to feed on the lugworms, crabs, and other marine animals that live within the fine silt that remains. Yatsu-Higata is an important stopover point for migrating birds flying from Siberia to Australia and Southeast Asia.

  • Pacific Ocean Northwest
  • Type Tidal mudflat
  • Area 0.4 square km ( square mile)
  • Location Narashino City, at the northern part of Tokyo Bay, Japan
Yatsu-Higata Tidal Flat habitat mapzoom image