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Marine Places

Yellow Sea

Enclosed to the north, the Yellow Sea is an extension of the East China Sea, lying between the Chinese coast and the Korean Peninsula. It gets its name from the sand carried in suspension by the waters of the Yellow River (Huang He), the largest inflowing river. The sea is very shallow, and tidal ranges along the Korean side are some of the largest in the world. These strong tides also contribute to the color of the sea by stirring up sediment that has settled on the sea floor. The area around the northernmost bay of Bo Hai is one of the most industrialized in China; Dalian is China’s third-largest port.

East China Seazoom image
  • Area 205,000 square miles (530,000 square km)
  • Maximum Depth 338 ft (103 m)
  • Inflows Yellow, Yangtze, Liao He, Luan He, Yalu, Han rivers