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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Antarctic Fur Seal Arctocephalus gazella

Ranging further south than any other fur seal, this polar species feeds on fish, squid, and krill in the icy waters off Antarctica. In spring it comes ashore after spending winter at sea. Males are up to three times heavier than females, with an imposing mane and thickened neck that gives them a front-heavy appearance. This species breeds on islands, such as South Georgia and Kerguelen, and is rising in number. This may be a side effect of the whaling industry, which has reduced competition for krill.

Antarctic Fur Sealzoom image
  • Order Carnivora
  • Length 5–6 ft (1.5–2 m)
  • Weight 110–350 lb (50–160 kg)
  • Habitat Rocky coasts, open sea in polar waters
  • Distribution Southern Ocean
Antarctic Fur Seal habitat mapzoom image