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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Beadlet Anemone Actinia equina

Most anemones cannot survive out of water, but the beadlet anemone can do so provided it stays damp. At low tide, this anemone can be found on rocky shores with its tentacles retracted, looking like a blob of red or green jelly. The top of the beadlet anemone’s body is ringed with blue beads called acrorhagi. These contain numerous stinging cells, which the anemone uses to repel any close neighbors. Leaning over, it will sting any anemone within reach, and the defeated anemone will move slowly out of the victor’s territory. The beadlet anemone broods its eggs and young inside the body and ejects them through its mouth.

Beadlet Anemonezoom image
  • Class Anthozoa
  • Diameter Up to 2 in (7 cm)
  • Depth 0–65 ft (0–20 m)
  • Habitat Hard surfaces
  • Distribution Coastal waters of Mediterranean, northeastern and eastern Atlantic
Beadlet Anemone habitat mapzoom image