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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Brahminy Kite Haliastur indus

A common scavenger in parts of its range, the Brahminy kite is also an effective hunter, crisscrossing the water from a height of a few yards, dropping to the surface to catch fish, or to pick up scraps of waste. It also feeds on beaches and mudflats, and is seen in the outskirts of coastal towns. Adult Brahminy kites have deep chestnut plumage, and a distinctive white chest and head. Their breeding season varies according to location, but they often nest in mangroves, making a platform-shaped nest from seaweed and sticks. Both parent Brahminy kites help to raise the one to two young.

Brahminy Kitezoom image
  • Order Falconiformes
  • Length 17–20 in (43–51 cm)
  • Weight 14–25 oz (400–700 g)
  • Habitat Beaches, estuaries, rivers
  • Distribution South and Southeast Asia, northern Australia, islands of western Pacific
Brahminy Kite habitat mapzoom image