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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Candy Stripe Flatworm Prostheceraeus vittatus

Most brightly colored flatworms are found on tropical reefs, but the candy stripe flatworm is an exception and can be found as far north as Norway. Generally a cream color, it is marked with reddish-brown, lengthwise stripes. The head end of the candy stripe flatworm's flattened, leaf-shaped body has a pair of distinct tentacles and groups of primitive eyes. As it crawls along, the flatworm pushes the edges of its body up into folds; it is also able to swim using sinuous movements of the body. Usually found in rocky areas, the candy stripe flatworm has also been seen on sand.

Candy Stripe Flatwormzoom image
  • Class Turbellaria
  • Length Up to 2 in (5 cm)
  • Depth 0–100 ft (0–30 m)
  • Habitat Muddy rocks
  • Distribution Temperate waters of northeastern Atlantic and Mediterranean
Candy Stripe Flatworm habitat mapzoom image