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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Collared Kingfisher Todirhamphus chloris

Also known as the mangrove kingfisher, the collared kingfisher lives in a variety of habitats, although in Australia it is restricted to the coast. Greenish blue above, with a white belly and collar, it has a black eye-stripe and a sharply pointed bill. On coasts, the collared kingfisher hunts crabs as well as fish and, like all kingfishers except the pied, beats its prey against a perch before swallowing it. It often nests in hollows in mangrove trees, and lays three or four eggs. In the far south of its range, the collared kingfisher is a summer visitor only.

Collared Kingfisherzoom image
  • Order Coraciiformes
  • Length 11 in (28 cm)
  • Weight 4 oz (120 g)
  • Habitat Forests, coasts, beaches, mangrove swamps, estuaries
  • Distribution Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia, Australasia
Collared Kingfisher Habitat Mapzoom image