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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Common Sea Lavender Limonium Vulgare

The common sea lavender is a showy plant that flowers in late summer and often forms dense colonies in salt marshes, particularly along the sides of muddy creeks. Several closely related species of sea lavender are highly localized in their distribution. For example, two species are confined to two rocky peninsulas in Wales, while others are only found in parts of Sicily or Corsica. Varieties of sea lavender, often called statice, are grown commercially as “everlasting” flowers. The colored, papery “flowers” are actually what remains after the true flowers have fallen.

Common Sea Lavenderzoom image
  • Order Plumbaginales
  • Type Perennial
  • Height 8–20 in (20–50 cm)
  • Habitat Muddy salt marshes
  • Distribution Coasts of western Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Red Sea
Common Sea Lavender habitat mapzoom image