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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Divided Flatworm Pseudoceros dimidiatus

Most species of flatworms display a distinctive pattern of colors that is more or less the same in every individual. However, the color patterns of the divided flatworm vary greatly between individuals. The body is always black with an orange margin, but the width and arrangement of the yellow or white lateral stripes, zebralike bars, or narrow and wide longitudinal stripes is highly variable. These highly contrasting colors act as a warning to predators that divided flatworms are not good to eat. Like other flatworms, divided flatworms have numerous photo- and chemosensitive cells in its head region, which help the worm to find food and avoid danger.

Divided Flatwormzoom image
  • Class Turbellaria
  • Length Up to 3 in (8 cm)
  • Depth Not recorded
  • Habitat Coral reefs
  • Distribution Tropical waters of Indian and western Pacific oceans
Divided Flatworm habitat mapzoom image