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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Edible Sea Cucumber Holothuria edulis

As its name suggests, this is an edible species of sea cucumber, although it is not considered as good eating as others, such as the prickly redfish. It has a soft body, peppered with tiny warts, and is colored black on its back and pinkish red to beige underneath. Like many other large sea cucumbers, the edible sea cucumber is sometimes host to small pearlfish (family Carapidae) that live inside its body cavity.

Edible Sea Cucumberzoom image
  • Class Holothuroidea
  • Length Up to 14 in (35 cm)
  • Depth 15–100 ft (5–30 m)
  • Habitat Sand, rock, coral reefs
  • Distribution Tropical waters of Indian and Pacific oceans
Edible Sea Cucumber habitat mapzoom image