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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Hornwrack Flustra foliacea

Hornwracks are often mistaken for a brown seaweed. The colony grows up from a narrow base as thin, flat, fan-like lobes. These usually form dense clumps and cover the sea bed like a crop of tiny brown lettuces. Hornwrack colonies litter the strandline on many shores in dried clumps and, by using a magnifying glass, an observer can easily see the individual, oblong colony members.

Hornwrack habitat mapzoom image
Hornwrackzoom image
  • Order Cheilostomata
  • Size_height Up to 8 in (20 cm)
  • Depth 0–330 ft (0–100 m)
  • Habitat Stones, shells, rock
  • Distribution Temperate and Arctic waters of northeastern Atlantic