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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Japanese Hagfish Eptatretus burgeri

Japanese hagfish is also known as the Inshore Hagfish because it lives in relatively shallow water compared to other species of hagfish. It is similar in shape and size to the Pacific Hagfish, with six gill apertures and a white line along its back. The Japanese hagfish lives in the sublittoral zone, and usually buries itself in the bottom mud, but migrates to deeper water to breed. Unlike other species of hagfish, it reproduces seasonally; this is thought to be a response to changing temperatures in the shallow waters in which the Japanese hagfish lives.

  • Class Myxini
  • Length Up to 24 in (60 cm)
  • Weight Insufficient information
  • Depth 30–900 ft (10–270 m)
  • Distribution Inshore temperate waters of northwestern Pacific