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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Little Egret Egretta garzetta

Pure white with black legs, a black bill, and bright yellow facial skin, the little egret is usually seen on its own or in scattered groups, wading quietly through shallow water on coasts. This bird feeds on fish and other shoreline animals that are disturbed by its approach. During the breeding season, both males and females grow long, lacy feathers on their heads and backs. They nest in trees, building flimsy nests out of sticks.

Little Egretzoom image
Little Egretzoom image
  • Order Ciconiiformes
  • Length 22–27 in (56–65 cm)
  • Weight 11–16 oz (300–450 g)
  • Habitat Muddy coasts, mangrove swamps
  • Distribution Southern Europe, Africa, southern Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia
Little Egret habitat mapzoom image