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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Long-spined Bullhead Taurulus bubalis

Bullheads are small, cold-water relatives of scorpionfish and the stonefish. Like them, they are stout, bottom-living fish with a broad head, large mouth, and spiny fins. The long-spined bullhead also has a long, sharp spine on each cheek. None of its spines is venomous. These small fish can be found in rock pools, but are difficult to spot as they match their color to their background. In the winter, the female lays clumps of eggs between rocks. These are then guarded by the male until they hatch between five and 12 weeks later.

Long-spined Bullheadzoom image
  • Order Scorpaeniformes
  • Length Up to 10 in (25 cm)
  • Weight Not recorded
  • Depth 0–330 ft (0–100 m)
  • Distribution Temperate waters of northeastern Atlantic and western Mediterranean
Long-spined Bullhead Habitat Mapzoom image