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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Pacific Stilt-mangrove Rhizophora stylosa

The aerial roots of Pacific stilt-mangroves arch down from the main trunk, with secondary roots coming off the primary ones before they reach the ground to form a tangle of roots growing in all directions. When the tide is in, these form a sheltered refuge for many small fish. This species of mangrove can tolerate a wide range of soils, but thrives best in the fine, muddy sediments of river estuaries. Its roots absorb water selectively, so much of the damaging salt is not taken up, but it still has to excrete some salt through the leaves.

Pacific Stilt-mangrovezoom image
  • Order Myrtales
  • Habit Woody perennial
  • Height Commonly 16–26 ft (5–8 m), but can be up to 130 ft (40 m)
  • Habitat Intertidal mudflats
  • Distribution Coasts of northern Australia, Southeast Asia, and South Pacific islands
Pacific Stilt-mangrove habitat mapzoom image