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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Peanut Worm Golfingia vulgaris

The peanut worm is shaped like a half-inflated sausage balloon. Its body is stout and has a long, thin region at the front called the introvert, which can be stretched right out or withdrawn completely inside the body. The animal has a crown of short tentacles around the mouth at the end of the introvert. It lives buried in sediment, which it eats as it burrows and digests any organic matter.

Peanut Wormzoom image
  • Phylum Sipuncula
  • Length Up to 8 in (20 cm)
  • Depth 0–6,560 ft (0–2,000 m)
  • Habitat Muddy sand and gravel
  • Distribution Northeastern Atlantic and eastern Mediterranean; possibly Indo-Pacific, Southern Ocean