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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Plumose Anemone Metridium senile

This tall anemone resembles an ornate piece of architecture. It has a long column, topped by a collarlike ring and a wavy disk with thousands of fine tentacles. The most common colors are white or orange, but it can also be brown, gray, red, or yellow. Fragments from the base of large anemones can grow into tiny new anemones. The plumose anemone is often found on pier pilings and wrecks projecting out into the current.

Plumose Anemonezoom image
  • Class Anthozoa
  • Height Up to 12 in (30 cm)
  • Depth 0–330 ft (0–100 m)
  • Habitat Any hard surface
  • Distribution Temperate waters of north Atlantic and north Pacific
Plumose Anemone habitat mapzoom image