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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Ribbon Worm Nipponnemertes pulcher

This worm belongs to a class of nemertean worms called enoplan ribbon worms, whose mouth is located in front of the brain. Nipponnemertes pulcher has a short, stout body with a width of up to in (5 mm) that tapers to a pointed tail. The coloration varies from pink to orange or deep red and is paler beneath. This species has a distinctive, shield-shaped head with numerous eyes along its edges. The number of eyes increases with age. It is usually seen when dredged up by scientists from the coarse sediments in which it lives, but is sometimes found beneath stones on the lower shore. Its full distribution is unknown.

Ribbon Worm habitat mapzoom image
  • Class Enopla
  • Length Up to 3 in (9 cm)
  • Depth 0–1,900 ft (0–570 m)
  • Habitat Coarse sediments
  • Distribution Temperate and cold waters of Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Southern oceans