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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Salt marsh Moss Hennediella Heimii

This tiny moss is a halophyte, meaning it is adapted to growing in highly saline conditions. It is rarely found growing inland. One of the few mosses that may be regularly found in salt marshes, it grows on patches of bare ground between the other vegetation in the upper parts of the salt marsh. It also grows in various other coastal habitats, including the banks of creeks, behind sea walls, and on footpaths. Although small, the plants may be abundant and may appear conspicuous from a distance, due to their prolific number of stout, dark, rusty-brown capsules, which are borne on short stalks less than in (1 cm) tall. These have a little cap with a long point, which lifts to allow spores to escape, but remains attached to the capsule by a central stalk. The Salt marsh Moss has a wide distribution in colder climates.

Salt marsh Moss habitat mapzoom image
  • Class Bryopsida
  • Size in (3 mm)
  • Form Single green plants
  • Habitat Salt marshes, other coastal areas
  • Distribution Patchy distribution on temperate and cool waters worldwide