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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Sand weed Rhodothamniella floridula

This seaweed consists of tiny horizontal filaments made of strings of cells, from which arise other filaments that reach a maximum height of 1 in (3 cm). The upright filaments have irregular side-branches, some of which interweave to form a complex network that traps sand grains. This network builds up to form a spongy mat about in (1 cm) thick. The mat sometimes covers large areas of rocks that are next to sand and creates a habitat for small animals such as nematodes.

Sand weed habitat mapzoom image
  • Kingdom Phaeophyta
  • Height Up to 1 in (3 cm)
  • Habitat Lower shore and subtidal rocks
  • Water_temperature 40–64°F (4–18°C)
  • Distribution Coasts of northeastern Europe and southern Africa