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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Seaside Moss Schistidium Maritimum

This moss grows as small, dark green cushions on hard, acidic rocks, with seashore lichens, just above high-tide mark. It also occurs in salt marshes. It is often soaked by salt spray and occasionally covered by the highest tides. Seaside moss appears to be a true halophyte, functioning normally even after immersion in sea water for a few days, and growing only in saline conditions; in Britain, it is found no farther than 1,300 ft (400 m) from the sea. Its leaves curl when dry. In winter, it produces small brown capsules on short stalks.

Seaside Mosszoom image
  • Class Bryopsida
  • Size 1 in (2 cm)
  • Form Dark blackish green, compact cushions
  • Habitat Hard, acidic rocks, salt marshes
  • Distribution Western and eastern coasts of North America, coasts of western Europe
Seaside Moss habitat mapzoom image