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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Southern Beach Moss Muelleriella Crassifolia

This moss is the southern version of seaside moss, growing on coastal rocks in the usually lichen-dominated splash zone, where it is often inundated by the sea in stormy weather. It grows in southern Chile and on subantarctic islands, where it can become dominant. On Heard Island, for example, a salt spray community of plants found on exposed coastal lava rock, at elevations of less than 16 ft (5 m), is dominated by southern beach moss, which has also colonized derelict buildings.

Southern Beach Moss habitat mapzoom image
  • Class Bryopsida
  • Size 1–5 in (2–13 cm)
  • Form Black cushions and mats
  • Habitat Rocks
  • Distribution Southern tip of South America, islands in the Southern Ocean