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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Torsk Brosme brosme

This heavily built member of the order Gadiformes lurks among rocks and pebbles in deep water offshore, where it searches for crustaceans and mollusks. It has thick lips, a long chin barbel, and a long dorsal and anal fin, each edged in white. In summer, two to three million eggs are laid, which float and develop near the surface. This species can live for 20 years. Torsk is fished commercially, especially off Norway, using trawls and lines, and it is also caught by anglers.

  • Order Gadiformes
  • Length Up to 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Weight 26–66 lb (12–30 kg)
  • Depth 65–3,300 ft (20–1,000 m)
  • Distribution Temperate and cold waters of north Atlantic