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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

Yellow Shrimp Goby Cryptocentrus cinctus

Shrimp gobies share their sandy burrows with snapping shrimp belonging to the genus Alpheus. The yellow shrimp goby has bulging, high-set eyes, thick lips, and two dorsal fins. Although the usual coloration is yellow with faint, dusky bands, it can also be grayish white. This species lives in sandy areas of shallow lagoons and bays.

A Pair of Yellow Shrimp Gobieszoom image
  • Order Perciformes
  • Length Up to 3 in (8 cm)
  • Weight Not recorded
  • Depth 3–50 ft (1–15 m)
  • Distribution Tropical waters of northeastern Indian Ocean and southwestern Pacific
Yellow Shrimp Goby Habitat Mapzoom image