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Oceana | The Problem

The oceans' big fish have all but disappeared. Fish that do remain are being poisoned to death by toxic chemicals. Our oceans will die unless we take action now and reverse the damages we've created.

Oceana | The Solution

With offices around the global and more than 300,000 supporters worldwide, Oceana is on the forefront of the fight to restore our oceans' health. It's not too late to reverse the damage and reach a solution.

Oceana | Victories

Oceana's victories circumnavigate the globe.


Brian Skerry | Ocean Threats and Policy Solutions | Part 1 of 6

Brian Skerry, National Geographic photographer, shares his mesmerizing photographs of wildlife and human impacts on marine ecosystems.

Dr. Jeremy Jackson | Ocean Threats and Policy Solutions | Part 2 of 6

Dr. Jeremy Jackson, Professor of Oceanography and Director, Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, shares the real world impacts of overfishing.

Dr. Donald Boesch | Ocean Threats and Policy Solutions | Part 3 of 6

Dr. Donald Boesch, Professor of Marine Science and President, Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland, Cambridge, MD, talks about the impacts of pollutants that end up in the ocean, creating dead zones.

Dr. Jeffrey Short | Ocean Threats and Policy Solutions | Part 4 of 6

Dr. Jeffrey Short, Pacific Science Director, Oceana, and former NOAA fisheries researcher and chemist, speaks on the latest findings on climate change impacts, with special attention to the Arctic region.

Dr. Michael Hirshfield | Ocean Threats and Policy Solutions | Part 5 of 6

Dr. Michael Hirshfield, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President, North America, Oceana, summarizes our federal policy change recommendations, plus a few of his own.

Q&A with Journalists | Ocean Threats and Policy Solutions | Part 6 of 6

Journalists from Chemicals and Science Policy Reporter, Daily Environment Report and the Bureau of National Affairs ask the panel questions regarding their presentations.

Karina Petroni at the 2008 Oceana Partners Award Gala

Karina Petroni talks about the state of our oceans with celebrity guests at Oceana's annual Partners Award Gala.

Arc of a Diver Trailer

Underwater filmmaker Steve Clark visits Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, where he befriends some of the world's most rare and beautiful creatures.

Fisheries on the Brink: Dr. Daniel Pauly

Dr. Daniel Pauly, Oceana board member and director of the Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia, discusses the impact of fisheries on our oceans.

Destructive Trawling: Reefs to Rubble

With the capability to destroy century-old reefs in mere moments, bottom trawling is the single most destructive human impact on the ocean floor. Oceana fights to stop bottom trawling and protect the marine life that calls these habitats home.

January Jones at Bimini Shark Lab

Actress January Jones lends a hand to shark research at the Bimini Shark Lab in the Bahamas.

On the Alert: A Top Predator in Danger

Oceana TV presents this report on the dangers that sharks are facing in the oceans around the world.

Finning: A Cruel Practice

Oceana TV explores the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning by industrial fishing boats.

The Future of Sharks

Oceana TV explores what the future holds for the ocean's top predator.

Oceana News: Arctic Fishing Ban

This Oceana News feature highlights the recent historic decision by the United States to ban commercial fishing in the arctic, the European Union's continued struggle to stop illegal fishing and the problem of pollution and mercury contamination in seafood.

Air America interviews