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Oceana Magazine Spring 2011: Events

New York Holiday Party for Oceana

On December 2nd, over a hundred revelers arrived at the Vanessa Noel flagship boutique located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for a soiree hosted by Ocean Council Chair Susan Rockefeller and Ocean Council member Vanessa Noel.

Special guests such as Sir Thomas Moore and Thomas Gimbel and Ocean Council members Danielle Steakley and Nicole and Damien Woody enjoyed cocktails and inspiring conversation. The party included a silent auction featuring photography by Gail Tobias, a cashmere shawl by Andraab, a gold and diamond bracelet courtesy of jeweler Christopher Walling and a three night stay at the Vanessa Noel hotel on Nantucket.


Rockefeller Cocktail in Honor of Oceana

On a stormy evening in February, dozens of intrepid guests braved the icy streets of Manhattan to attend a cocktail party hosted by David Rockefeller and board member and Ocean Council Chair Susan Rockefeller at their New York home.

Special guests, including Marjorie Harris, Rory Tahari, Margie and Michael Loeb, Mary Steenburgen, Almudena Fernandez, Maxwell Caulfield and Ocean Council member Lois Robbins, joined several of Oceana’s board members in support of board member Ted  Danson, who entertained the crowd with an exclusive glimpse of his new book, “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them.”

Oceana Premiere Party in Honor of Ted Danson

On March 14th, Rodale Inc. hosted an event at the rooftop lounge Le Bain in the Standard Hotel to celebrate the release of Oceana board member Ted Danson’s new book “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them,” and the launch of his cross-country book tour. The sunset cocktail was buzzing with special guests Ted Danson, his wife Mary Steenbergen and their daughters, Susan Rockefeller, Zach Galifianakis, Calvin Klein, the Rodale family and Vanessa Noel.

Oceana’s Vice President of Global Development, Bettina Alonso, introduced Ted to the guests of this very special evening and Ted spoke briefly about the journey that led him to write the book.