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Oceana Magazine Spring 2011: Serious About Sea Turtles

Comedians Rachael Harris and Angela Kinsey tackle a not-so-funny subject – saving sea turtles from extinction.

Angela Kinsey and Rachael Harris are two of America’s most versatile funny ladies – Angela is best known as an uptight accountant on “The Office,” and Rachael’s long list of roles includes “The Hangover.”

Now the two comedians, who are close friends, have taken on a new role as ambassadors for Oceana’s campaign to save sea turtles. The pair traveled to Mexico with Oceana to learn about the challenges facing endangered sea turtles and to film a PSA campaign.

Oceana marine scientist Elizabeth Wilson accompanied the comedians, and asked them about the experience.

Oceana: What was it like to swim with the sea turtles for the first time?

Rachael: It was great. It was really beautiful.

Angela: They’re majestic when you’re in the water with them. It hits you that they’ve been here since the dinosaurs were here, and I felt very small in the world in that moment. It was very powerful for me. I have a daughter and I want these animals here when she’s old enough to go snorkeling and to see them.

Rachael: It’s a slippery slope that we’re polluting our oceans so much, the things that we’re doing as humans are impacting a living creature, bringing it to extinction. You know, we can a) save the ocean and b) save these animals that are living in the ocean. I think that’s really powerful, to be a part of something, and to realize we’re lending our voice to bring awareness to this. It felt great. When you see the turtles, you want to protect them. You have an emotional response to it.

Angela: You do. The thought that they wouldn’t be here anymore is just so tragic, it’s so unnecessary, especially if there’s things that we can do to help and hopefully Oceana can bring awareness to that.

Angela: Yes.

Rachael: And they’re adorable.

Angela: They are. They’re really sweet.

Angela: We had a great time. And everything did go as expected. I mean, I think I did drink a liter of salt water.

Oceana: I’m noticing a couple new scratches, what are those from?

Angela: I was trying to get out of the water, I don’t know, I was trying to look sexy or something.

Rachael: We were trying to look like Halle Berry, for God’s sake.

Angela: Because you know what? We love to look like Halle Berry. She’s like the most beautiful woman ever. And I fell! I fell, ok?

Rachael: That was the coral reef’s way of saying, “Don’t do that.”

Angela: Yeah. Don’t try and be Halle Berry, lady.

Rachael: So thanks, you guys. Thanks Oceana for bringing us down here.

Angela: Thank you!


To join Rachael and Angela in the fight to save sea turtles, and to see photos and video – including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage – from their trip, visit