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Oceana Magazine Spring 2014: News & Notes

1. Actresses Rashida Jones, Angela Kinsey, and Cobie Smulders traveled with Oceana to Belize’s barrier reef in late 2013. Watch Jones discuss her experience snorkeling with nurse sharks on the popular television show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

2. Bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are still suffering health effects from the 2010 BP oil spill, according to a new report released in December by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The study shows that dolphins in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay have lung damage and adrenal hormone abnormalities not observed in other dolphin populations. Out of 32 dolphins examined, 17are not expected to survive.

3. Oceana Europe releases a Paris Seafood Fraud Report, revealing cases of seafood fraud across the city’s restaurants and grocery stores. Oceana discovered that 80 percent of bluefin tuna samples were actually another species of tuna, usually albacore or bigeye.

4. 350: Number of species that Oceana scientists identified on the Gorringe Bank seamount, 160 nautical miles southwest of Portugal’s Cape St.Vincent. Species found include red gorgonian corals, rainbow wrasse, and basking sharks.

5. In March, Oceana joined ocean research group Ocearch on an expedition to study sharks in Chilean waters. Ocearch specializes in research on great whites and other large apex predators, and the joint expedition gathered data to help protect sharks in Chile.