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Oceana Magazine Summer 2008: Whale Watching in Baja


In late February, Oceana supporters and scientists met in Baja California for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. California gray whales travel from the Arctic to give birth in the warmer southern waters of San Ignacio Lagoon. Some of the whales – and their calves – surface to check out humans peering over the gunwale of small skiffs, allowing for a unique interaction between marine and land mammal.

The whales approached the boats of their own accord. Above, a whale “spy hops” so it can see out of the water. Oceana President Jim Simon experienced close encounters with the whales for the first time. “It was really extraordinary, and reminded me of the importance of saving ocean life,” he said.


In addition to whale watching, the group enjoyed presentations by Oceana scientists Jon Warrenchuk and Elizabeth Griffin, who gave seminars on marine life as well as the challenges facing the ocean ecosystem. Oceana President Jim Simon gave a presentation about Oceana’s work.