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Could Offshore Wind Displace Oil?

Wind power can directly offset oil consumption in the electricity generation and home heating sectors. Currently, 43.7 million barrels of oil are consumed annually to generate electricity across the country. This amount of electricity could easily be generated by offshore wind in an affordable way that creates more jobs than offshore oil and gas.

Offshore wind could generate nearly 30% more electricity than offshore oil and gas resources combined. Learn More

Offshore wind power could provide enough electric heat for every home in the country – and then some, more than new offshore oil and gas combined. Learn More

Offshore wind energy could power 55% more vehicles as the fleet becomes electrified, more than new offshore oil and gas development combined.

Developing offshore wind would cost about $36 billion less over 20 years than the estimated cost of producing oil, but unlike oil and natural gas, offshore wind will not be depleted in that period of time. Learn More

Offshore wind could provide about three times as many jobs as could be created by the offshore oil and gas industries.