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Clean Ocean Energy: Overview

offshore wind turbines

Offshore drilling is dirty and dangerous. By pushing hard for renewable energy sources, like offshore wind, we can make offshore drilling a thing of the past.

We know all too well the damage that burning and drilling for dirty fossil fuels can do to the ocean and sea life that call the oceans home. We need to find a better way to satisfy our energy needs.

Fortunately, the United States possesses a considerable amount of renewable energy right off its coasts – offshore wind. The wind is clean, unlimited and guaranteed not to spill. When sited correctly, offshore wind is one of the best chances we have to end our addiction to fossil fuels and to finally stop the dirty and dangerous practice of offshore oil and gas drilling.

Oceana’s team of scientists have found that the wind energy potential off the Atlantic Coast is so great it could generate about 30% more electricity than offshore oil and gas in the same area. And because the East Coast is so densely populated, that means that offshore wind power is perfectly situated to meet our energy needs.

Oceana’s report, Untapped Wealth found that if offshore wind were even conservatively developed on the Atlantic Coast, the electricity produced could power half of the East Coast. That’s a lot of wind power!

For the health of the oceans and the billions of people that depend on them, we must invest in offshore wind and other renewables and permanently move away from offshore drilling.  See Oceana’s report, Breaking the Habit to learn how we can transition away from offshore drilling to a clean energy future.

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