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Climate Change: What Oceana Does

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Oceana campaigns to stop climate change in the following ways:

Legislative Work

On Capitol Hill, Oceana advocates for reduced greenhouse gas emissions, planning and mitigation of the effects of climate change on our oceans and funding for climate change research, including research on ocean acidification.

Source Control

As an ocean-focused organization, Oceana recognizes that our oceans and the delicate marine ecosystems that depend on them are on the front lines when it comes to climate change. Besides providing us a major service by absorbing much of the carbon dioxide we release, our oceans and the life within them hang in the balance.

Oceana is working to prevent a virtually unregulated major source of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change -- shipping emissions from the global shipping industry.

Oceana is identifying solutions that can reduce emissions of pollutants like carbon dioxide, black carbon and others from the global shipping fleet. This will help to stem the release of greenhouse gas emissions and turn the tide on climate change.

Public Education and Action

Oceana is raising awareness about global climate change, its effects on marine ecosystems and the need to act now to protect our oceans and our way of life. The role our oceans play and risks faced by our beloved sea life are not getting adequate attention in global discussions. Oceana will serve as a voice for our oceans, increasing public awareness and understanding and channeling necessary action to help turn the tide on climate change.

Ecosystem Protection

While reducing greenhouse gas emissions today is critical to preventing future catastrophic climate changes, global climate change is already stressing marine ecosystems and will likely continue to do so for at least the near future. This makes our work to protect ecosystems from other threats more important now than ever before.

Along with encouraging the U.S. government to adopt policies that slow down and reduce the impacts of climate change, Oceana is protecting the world's oceans by fighting to stop threats such as bottom trawling, overfishing and marine pollution which compromise the resilience of ocean ecosystems.