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Oceana’s Response

Oceana is leading the charge in responding to the oil spill in the following ways:

  • Oceana wrote a letter to the Senate urging a prohibition on expanded offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. The letter was signed by approximately 80 conservation organizations.
  • Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless spoke on the Capitol Lawn alongside Senators Bill Nelson, Frank Lautenberg, and Robert Menendez, as well as the executive directors of the Sierra Club and Environment America. The Senators called on President Obama to drop any plans for new offshore oil drilling.
  • Prominent national and international media outlets, including print, radio and broadcast, have turned to Oceana as a leading authority on the ramifications of the oil spill. Oceana Senior Campaign Director Jackie Savitz was the featured guest in an online Q&A session hosted by The Washington Post discussing the impact of the spill, and she was also a guest on “The Diane Rehm Show” and NPR’s “On the Media”.
  • Oceana co-hosted a rally in New Orleans with several environmental organizations, Gulf shrimpers, fishermen, chefs, and local community leaders in a show of solidarity for the affected communities and to unite our call to end offshore drilling.
  • During the last two weeks of April, Oceana’s Climate and Energy Campaign Manager Matt Dundas attended a series of local hearings in FL, GA, SC, and DE held by the Mineral Management Service (MMS) on the impact of oil exploration along the southeast Atlantic coast. Oceana mobilized local residents who attended the hearings and voiced their opposition to drilling off the East Coast, citing the BP spill as clear evidence of the risks of offshore oil and gas production.
  • On May 11, Oceana Board Member Sam Waterston testified before Congress on the topic of ocean acidification. Additionally, on May 26th, Oceana Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Hirshfield will testify before Congress on offshore drilling.

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