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Stop the Drill Activist Toolkit: Gather Signatures

The most important way we are finding new supporters right now is through our petition drive. Our goal is to gather 500,000 signatures to President Obama and Congress demanding a ban on offshore oil drilling.

Petitioning is easy and fun. All it takes is a clipboard, a pen, petition sheets, and a positive attitude!

There are three recommended ways of gathering signatures:

1. Go to a population center, such as a downtown shopping area or public park, and approach people with a big smile and with a friendly tone of voice say, “Hi, will you sign our petition to ban offshore drilling?” (This method is the fastest way to get the most signatures.)

2. Carry the petition with you every time you see a friend or family member and ask them to sign up.

3. Go door-to-door in your neighborhood and ask your neighbors to sign up.

All three of these methods are effective. Choose your favorite or choose them all! Whichever method you choose, try to get a friend to join you. Petitioning is fun alone, but it’s more fun with a friend.

There are two ways for you to obtain copies of the petition:

1. The fastest is for you to print your own copies. Click here for the petition.

2. If printing your own petitions is not an option, send an email to [email protected] with your street address and how many signatures you intend to gather, and we will put the sheets in the mail right away.

Mail back your petitions at any time to our Washington, D.C. office at:


1350 Connecticut Ave NW, 5th floor

Washington, D.C. 20036

Fax # 202-833-2070

In order to hit our goal of 500,000 signatures this summer, we’re asking our activists to average around 50 signatures per month. Every signature makes a difference, so please mail them all in no matter how many or how few you collect.