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The Ranger: Overview

Oceana RangerRanger is a vital piece of Oceana’s campaign work in Europe. Custom-built in 1986 as a hospital ship, Ranger was donated to Oceana by board member Steve McAllister.

Since then, its crews have sailed from the Pacific to the Mediterranean doing invaluable research and documenting illegal fishing. 

With the help of Ranger, Oceana is able to document vulnerable marine habitat, discover new and rare species, document illegal fishing, take samples, evaluate the damages to the marine environment and more, all with the goal of achieving policy victories for the seas.

Since its first expedition in 2005, Oceana has achieved multiple victories with the help of Ranger’s on-the-water presence.

In summer 2010, Ranger sailed to the Western Mediterranean to conduct research on marine areas of ecological interest that need protection.

Using an underwater robot, the crew filmed creatures and habitats up to 3,000 feet deep. In addition, for the first time, the crew also conducted a marine pH survey to gather data on the impact of ocean acidification in the Mediterranean.